The Art of the Indie Rom Com: Part Two

A random sampling on Facebook tells me that 100% of people love quoting movie lines. In general, rom coms make up a lot of these quotes. Why do people love them so much? Because we could have never thought of a way to express our feelings as eloquently as those people on screen do. Don’t feel bad, they have writers, they don’t have to think of those things on the spot. Why would we go about verbalizing original feelings when there are already perfectly good ones that have been invented?

You want to be the inventor. You want people to quote your characters. Because…love means never having to say you’re sorry, am I right?

In order to illustrate this concept, I have included a few [or a lot] of my favorites:

and one by yours truly…

So! Go forth my friends and reread your old Xanga entries. Your bleeding hearts have probably spoke more emotions than your robotic selves care to realize. Don’t make viewers think for themselves! They need you to set the scene…and making the top 100 AFI list of indie quotes wouldn’t hurt either.

Part 3: Soundtrack. Coming soon.


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