Sunshine and Flowers

I’ve been somewhat absent from the blog lately, for lack of inspiration of what to write about, sadly. But, today has changed that thanks to a little sunshine and flowers.  After lunch I decided to walk over to good ol’ Schenley Park to do some reading and soak up some oh-so-essential vitamin D.  Here in Pittsburgh it’s not always so sunny and it makes things a little depressing, and me being from the South originally, I’ve been in some desperate need of warm weather.  Thank goodness the last week or so has been unnaturally warm for this time of year in Pittsburgh.  Honestly, I’d like to think it’s all for me and the city just wanted my first northern winter to be a welcoming one.

But, anyway…My streak of lack of inspiration was broken today by a little reading about film archives and listening to Debussy in the sunny park! It was just so nice out that I couldn’t sit still too long and continued casually walking around until I noticed I was getting closer to home and was just not ready to be back indoors. I stopped and read some more (Mockingjay this time….I’m almost done! squee!), parking myself on a bench outside the Cathedral of Learning for a couple of hours.  Still enjoying the sun but baking and sweating a little too much for comfort I started walking the long route back home.  On the way I passed a flower vendor, one that I always see and always want to get flowers for the apartment, but unfortunately I never have cash for the old man. Today was my lucky day though! I bought myself some pretty pink and yellow flowers. I must say, there’s nothing quite like walking through the city with a bundle of flowers in the crook of your arm.  Buying flowers for yourself may seem a little sad (as I’ve been told anyway, every time I mention doing so) but it’s one little thing I can always do to brighten my day. The sight of fresh flowers in your home is quite comforting, and makes me feel little more grown-up and classy.

So, the moral of today’s little anecdote: Take a walk in the sun, read a book in the park, and buy yourself some flowers and you’ll feel pretty good about your day!


I love having fresh flowers in the bathroom

I bought this vase  (know it’s kind of hard to see) at the museum I worked at back home. It’s handmade and rather imperfect in it’s shape and paint and I absolutely love it. This is the first time I’ve been able to use it since I moved up here.


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