A secret admirer of Peruvian lilies

Today I [Alex]was given a wonderful surprise by…somebody. More specifically, my “super secret admirer.” I guess to preface this I should say that my past few weeks have been a tad on the rockier side. I’ve been going through a jarring break up, to say the least. Break ups are weird, huh? Almost every person you know has been through a break up except for the person they are with now, but when it happens to you it feels like you are the only one in the world who has ever felt this kind of pain or loneliness. The work of that adjustment period seems insurmountable and, frankly, you just don’t feel like doing it. But, sometimes little things happen along the way that restore your faith in humanity and makes you genuinely smile. For me, its been stuff like oogling the various Pens players with my co-blogger, having my mom treat me to a spa day, or  folding paper cranes while watching Parenthood. Today, however, I came home to see a huge box from ProFlowers on my front porch. Anytime I see a package on the porch I get so excited hoping its for me and I really wanted this one.

I took the box upstairs, checking 5 times to make sure my name was actually on the front, and then dug in. To find a huge bouquet of lilies! Whoever sent this to me either knows I absolutely love any kind of lily or just got lucky. They came with a lovely vase and look just beautiful sitting on my living room table.

And this is the card I got with them:

Naturally, I thought they were from my mother, because I don’t know who else would send me flowers right now. They weren’t from her. So I have no idea; I haven’t been too vocal about the break up situation, although it is the century of Facebook and text messaging so I’m sure it would only take someone with more than one braincell to figure it out.

My mom has been bugging me all day about who I think it is that sent them. She can’t believe that I don’t want to know who my secret admirer is. And I don’t! I love that somebody thought of me enough to send them, but I just truly don’t want to know, maybe its the mystery aspect of it all. Whether they are from a friend, family member, or an actual male admirer, I’m happy all the same.


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