how did you get here?

In celebration of April 23, 2012 chaulking up the most amount of views for Modern Material Culture, I decided to give everyone a little behind the scenes treat.

Since WordPress is awesome and conveniently lists your site’s traffic stats, I spent some time the other night reading the queries individuals have entered into a search engine which then led them to our site. Most of them were pretty typical. These two, however, were not.

First, the dumb:

Now, I know that I have blogged about some pretty menial things, but…seriously, what? All I can deduce from this is that somebody, somewhere, was truly inspired by the ‘Rock God’ Siri commercial.

Next, the [very] creepy:

WEBCAM 10YO GIRL?!!? First of all, I don’t think I, or Christa, have blogged about anything which required using the words ‘webcam’ or ’10yo girl.’  Secondly, while this type of search query doesn’t surprise me persay, it still reinforces my complete lack of faith in humanity. And, to kind of reinforce point one, how in the name of the world wide web would this blog be a search result? I only wrote about Toddlers and Tiaras ONCE!


Anyway, so, thanks for checking out our blog. If you are the person who likes 10 year old girls on webcams, your next google search should be for a psychiatric institute.


One thought on “how did you get here?

  1. damn….you caught me (just kidding). I love looking at how people get to my posts, too, though someone got there by looking up naked kids. I have said nothing about naked kids. I, too, was disturbed.

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