words we should never have let be said

Be faithful; be a good friend no matter what; make a point to be there when you’re in need; know that neither one of us is perfect; put each other first; respect each other, all our thoughts, hopes, and dreams; honesty; forgiveness to move forward, time to heal; life is not to be taken seriously; support our differences, be open to words; no going to bed angry, but always with love; communication is not to be taken for granted; attend every avett brothers concert within 90 miles; always we are each others biggest fans, and that means sticking up for one other; its okay to work on things, even when they seem more troublesome at the time; no running away or walking out; and in this very moment, we want each other, forever and ever, amen.

My very talented friend, Abigail Saturday, took the photographs that illustrate this post. All friend-bias aside, she is the most amazing young photographer of our generation. Visit more of her work here: tumblr, flickr, blogspot, and etsy.


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