That Awkward Moment When….

Yesterday was not a good day for me. So to cope I bought two bottles of wine and watched Lord of the Rings to take my mind off of it all. During this time I was also texting our lovely co-blogger Alex. I believe at one point during the night the wine finally kicked in and the following text occurred:

“Soooo this is gonna be really weird of me to say but I’m gonna say it anyway…I really hate getting this drunk by myself cause I usually end up feeling kinda horny and usually when I’m alone i can get over it but knowing that I COULD have [name omitted] but currently cannot makes me sad….I’m such a loser!”

The reply from Alex was just that she loved me (as I provide quite a bit of shameful hilarity and not always on purpose, haha).

Well to get to the point of this post, I apparently did not remember until this afternoon that I sent a very similar message to [name omitted] over our game of Words With Friends on Facebook. He kindly replied this evening with some other topic of conversation, ignoring what I can honestly say was a message of complete embarrassment on my part.

While perusing my usual other blogs I found this image that speaks an amazing amount of truth to how I probably looked and felt when I noticed that I had sent such a message to [name omitted]:

This would be my regretful “Oh crap-balls” face upon reading what I sent over Facebook.


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