A’s Hopeless Romanticism’s: An Introduction

Helllooo. Alex here. As most of my friends know, and now you do too, I am a self-professed hopeless romantic. I’m not talking about that Nicholas Sparks crap (although I am a girl with estrogen fueled emotions, so I clearly enjoy guilty pleasures like The Notebook), but something more. I can’t exactly define it, but its more of an appreciation of small subtle moments of beauty, and not just seen, but more of a personal conception. I am 100% sure that my hopeless romantic self is a direct result of my personal strengths laying in more the creative, musical, book-obsessed area. And its been like this my entire life and I am, actually, astounded that past relationship traumas have not totally stifled it. Over the years I have compiled notebooks of quotes and passages that I’ve found inspiring, I have multiple shoeboxes of magazine cut outs, photographs, and momentos, and when laptops came into my life I discovered the joys of being able to search and save movie clips, sound bites, typography images, and personal emails that meant something to me. [Side note: I truly am not a hoarder nor am I one of those girls who have spent years developing  scrapbooks of their future wedding. Quite frankly, I have very little focus on marriage equating romance, and I mean this in a non-cynical way. I just am not fixated on that whatsoever.]

You’re probably asking yourself, what is the point of this hopeless romantic babble? Well, its because I have so much to share, and because in a world where most people think romance has died, I vehemently oppose that viewpoint. I’m not an unrealistic person who has skipped through life without getting hurt – I’ve had some shitty stuff happen to me and I’ve definitely had my heart broken. Romance isn’t just about love–its about all those letdowns, moments of unwanted truth, and foolishness. Its all the good and bad pushed together to where you don’t where one ends and one begins. And that’s why I am going to use a section of this blog to devote to my hopeless romantic material and musings.

In This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “The idea, you know, is that the sentimental person thinks things will last — the romantic person has a desperate confidence that they won’t.”

And that, is a romantic quote about romantic people.


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