Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you

What I’m about to say is probably going to ruin all credibility to my earlier statement about not being a crazy just-trying-to-get-my-MRS-masters-degree woman….but, I freakin’ love watching a good YouTube marriage proposal. I don’t even know these people and I get goosebumps and these weird tears of happiness that for at least that few minutes, love has been captured. Just to clarify, I don’t sit on YouTube and type ‘cute marriage proposals’ in the search box and then spend hours on end linking out to other videos. I have better things to do, assholes. I usually discover them after they are posted on some site that has a tendency to post viral videos, like the Huffington Post, HelloGiggles or New York Magazine…or, of course, through social media. Here are some of my favorites, including the one that inspired me to confess my affinity for viral video wedding proposals.

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably seen this pop up around the internet in the past few days…because it is the best new proposal idea ever. Isaac whoever-you-are, you have really set the bar high for the rest of the male population. I’m sure that every guy that was planning to propose in the very immediate future has made the smart decision to wait until this video has ran its course of fame. If I (a.) had a boyfriend and (b.) had a boyfriend who was proposing to me right this instant, I’d probably morph into a spoiled brat, “WHERE ARE ALL OF OUR DANCING FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS AND WHY ARE YOU IN JEANS AND A TEE SHIRT?! DON’T YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TRICKING ME INTO MARRYING YOU?!”

I caught this one on Ellen on the day it actually aired. There isn’t anything too extraordinary about this one, except that it was Ellen orchestrating it, and that the poor girl was in her pajamas in Morgantown, West Virginia in early February. And Ellen gives them all sorts of awesome stuff!

Oh, my heart. I love movie trailers with a vengeance. When this movie trailer proposal made it big, I was in college and doing the film major thing, so of course everyone in our program had something to say about it. There have been lots of others that were made after this one got popular, but the original always pulls at the heart strings a little more, and I kinda love watching her expression as it is playing onscreen.

This one is so creative! The stop motion of the mural in progression is real neat.

I can’t even think about how much work it probably was to get all this orchestrated on one particular train car at one particular time. Its great to watch, but I’d probably die from embarrassment. Then again, if the man proposing has the same accent that guy has, then I don’t really care. Propose however you want, you saucy Englishman, you.

Finally, a military coming home marriage proposal. I have never dated anyone in the military, so I’m not sure what its like, but I have been in a long distance relationship, and can relate to that feeling of sitting in the airport waiting for your special person to arrive. This girl was probably so excited as it was and then to have this happen! I love it. I like to imagine the guy on the airplane passing out the roses to all the passengers and telling him about his plan and how they could help him out. It melts my heart. Love it.


Just a point: you’ll notice there are no flash mob proposals on my abridged list up there. That’s because flash mobs are stupid.



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