This One’s for the Ladies: Diva vs Soft Cup Review

So ladies, here’s a little short review on the Diva Cup and the Soft Cup. I have been looking for an alternative to tampons for a little while now. I’ve had several conversations with girls who use soft cups and diva cups and I’ve read tons of reviews and even watched the awkward youtube videos that tell the differences in all the alternatives to tampons and it basically just came down to me having to spend the money and try them out for myself.

Of course I started with the cheaper option: the soft cup. Roughly $10-$12 for a box of 14, the soft cup is definitely something you have to be incredibly comfortable with your own body to be able to use. To get a little “real” you literally must feel your way around to make sure that the cup is placed properly because otherwise it’ll be like you aren’t wearing anything at all. You can’t feel the soft cup but I was more stressed out wearing this one because I was never fully confident that it was placed correctly and I was afraid of major leaking. I never felt a peace of mind like with my tampons. Also, the soft cups are semi-re-usable. You can use one about twice before throwing it away if you rinse it out after the first use. So you’re still “wasteful” in a sense and you will have to keep buying them, but hopefully not quite as often as tampons.

So, I wasn’t fully satisfied with the soft cup, so I went the more expensive route the second time. I bought the diva cup at Whole Foods for about $30. You can find them cheaper online but I wanted it right away so I shelled out the extra money. And I have to say I think it’s worth it (it even comes with a cute little pouch to keep it in). The diva cup is larger than the soft cups but the placement of it is easier and a little less “messy.” You still need to be comfortable with your body in order to place it but the instructions tell you step-by-step how best to place it, whereas with the soft cup I felt like it was just trial and error. There have been some complaints about being able to feel the diva cup more so than the soft cup but I didn’t have that feeling. I definitely had more peace of mind with the diva cup; it’s super soft and flexible. With the diva cup you’ll never need to throw it away unless you just need to replace it or have a child (and then you’d need to go to their style made for women who have given birth). Diva cup also makes a soap/wash for cleaning the cup, and I did buy that as well which was another $8 or so, but you can use a plain and “clear” or “clean” soap that has no fragrances or chemicals of any kind.

Overall, I personally prefer the Diva Cup but they are both good in that they don’t dry you out like tampons do. And there are other options out there as well, such as the Keeper, but I’ve heard less about it and don’t know any details, other than it looks very similar to the diva cup (except it comes in brown for those who don’t want to see “coloration” in their clear cups.


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