Me, right now.

Sigh. Another piece of my faith in humanity has been burned at the stake. I get that its in our blood to be manipulative and assholes to one another, but I’m kinda tired of my friends getting their hearts walked all over. I’m not even going to bother writing a post lamenting the actions of menfolk (and their she-devil counterparts), because its been beaten like a dead horse on every other blog in the webosphere. And as tired as I am of getting on Facebook every other day to see how somebody else is engaged or knocked up, I’d rather have my friends be happy then have to experience, say, having to find out their boyfriend banged some other chick last night when they were home sick. So, anyway, this brief post is just a warning…I might be small but I will beat you up. Or at least hide behind my computer screen and grumble over your existence.


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