Sample Society by Beauty Bar & Allure: June 2012 Review and Beauty Tips


Sample Society, June 2012

Sample Society is a relatively new to the sample box subscription arena. It is a creation from and Allure. Some time ago I must have signed up to be notified when they were accepting new members and I got an invitation to join in May and received my first box in early June. Like Birchbox, the Sample Society boxes are sent out monthly and include about five ‘deluxe’ sized samples and a $15 off coupon code (for when you spend $50 on their website). You also get a free year-long subscription to Allure magazine, which I was really excited for, too. Sample Society is a little pricier than Birchbox. Each box costs $15, which comes out to a little over $16 with tax. However, they do seem to send samples out of higher end brands than Birchbox, and the presentation is really fun, unless you get annoyed by tons of little pieces of paper. Just don’t open it outside when it’s windy and you should be okay! The major difference between Sample Society and Birchbox is that Sample Society includes a little booklet with beauty tips that correspond with each included product. If you’ve been wondering how to sign up for a Sample Society box of your own, make sure and scroll down to the bottom for more details!

I loved the presentation!

Jane Iredale, Just Kissed Lip Plumper
Full Size: $25

I loved this lip plumper. As you can see in the photo, it is a lipstick lip plumper, instead of a gloss, but it still adds just enough shine. The color came out on my lips as a darker, almost transparent pink, which I found to be a nice summer shade for me.

Some Lip Tips:

  • Lighter lipstick colors and will make your mouth look fuller.
  • Avoid lining just the outside of the lip line, a soft edge makes lips look fuller.
  • Add a highlight at the bottom of the lip and Cupid’s box on top with a white, pale gold, or pearl shimmer powder or put a little lip gloss on the center of matte-colored lips.

Oscar De La Renta, Live in Love
Sample Size: 0.1 fl oz.
Full Size: 1 fl oz., $58

The packaging this perfume came in was so amazing I didn’t even care what the perfume smelled like! But, of course, it is an Oscar de la Renta creation, so it smells wonderful, too. I have only used a tiny bit of it so far though, I don’t want to run out too fast. It’s perfect for more ‘special occasions’ and for some reason it feels like something you’d spray on before going out to a wine bar. Who knows.

Fragrance Tips:

  • Spray down nakey just after a shower.
  • Limit yourself to three sprays and stay on target, don’t want to suffocate those around you!
  • You don’t have to limit yourself to spraying only on the pulse points—“One start perfumer loves putting perfume on the backs of her hands because she uses them while she talks and likes scient to waft around herself,” said the Sample Society pamphlet.

Alterna, Boho Waves Texture Mist
Sample Size: 0.85 fl oz.
Full Size: 4.2 fl oz., $22

My hair used to be super curly from the time I was 7 until shortly after I turned 22. Naturally, I usually hated it, and wanted straight hair. Now when I look back at photos of myself, I want to kick myself for ever wishing that, because now I do have boring straight hair! Oh those first world problems. Anyway, I tried it in my hair a few times because my hair does dry with a little wave in it from time to time, but it didn’t really do anything for me, so I passed it on to Christa to try.

Tips for Beachy Hair:

  • Shampoo before styling to get rid of product buildup.
  • Mist a beach spray all over hair and then finger-comb your hair while blow-drying.
  • Use a one-inch iron at a vertical angle to create curls—wrap random sections of hair loosely around iron, winding away from the face. Make sure at least the last half inch or so of hair is left out of the iron.
  • Toussle, maybe smooth a little wax on the ends, and go!

Caudalie, Premiere Cru Eye Cream
Sample Size: 0.31 fl oz.
Full Size: 0.5 fl oz., $95

The bottle was so little that I can’t really say I noticed any different in my ridiculous under eye problems. My major complaint with all of these sample boxes is that the eye cream sample sizes are way too small! The bottle in and of itself is deceiving, as it appears to hold more than it does, but really it’s just a lot of air. Sigh.

Tips for Youthful Eyes:

  • Daytime eye creams should be rich in antioxidants (grape-seed extract, green tea, idebenone, CoffeeBerry, etc.).
  • If your day eye cream does not have SPF in it, make sure you are still adding a layer over top of the eye cream.
  • Use a night eye cream infused with reinoids (aka retinol, made of Vitamin-A derivatives). If you react sensitively to retinol, try scaling back your usage and slowly build up over time.

Murad, Clarifying Cleanser
Sample size: 2 fl oz.
Full size: 6.75 fl oz., $26

I can’t honestly say I’ve even tried this yet. It is advertised on the bottle as a cleanser for ‘acne prone’ skin, which I don’t have a problem with 99% of the time. I’m still holding onto it though for those special moments when things just seem to go haywire.

Tips for Clear Skin:

  • Harsh scrubs and toners will make acne worse, use a gentle salicylic acid cleanser and moisturizer instead.
  • Benzoyl peroxide cream is the best for zapping zits (which I can definitely attest to, it has always worked for me…that, and toothpaste!).
  • Use a cream at night that contains retinol or glycolic acid; they increase cell turnover which will decrease the likelihood of future breakouts.

Interested in trying out Sample Society? Visit the Sample Society website for more information on membership! Sample Society works slightly different when it comes to their referral program. Instead of rewarding the referrer with points or store credits, they will donate up to $30 to charity for each first time order using my code. So, sign up for a fun service and do your good deed for the day! The code is modmatcult and proceeds go to The Make-A-Wish Foundation®. Thanks 🙂

Note: I do not work for’s Sample Society or Allure and I am not affiliated with them in any way. By clicking on the link above or using the code (modmatcult), it works as a referral from me. will donate up to $30 for each referral to The Make-A-Wish Foundation ®. All product reviews  are entirely of my own opinion and do not necessarily reflect those of BeautyBar or Allure.

© All images in this post are the property of Modern Material Culture.


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