Poor Little Rich Girls: Drugstore Makeup for Dramatic Eyes & Matte Faces

Edie Sedgwick, l’inspiration beauté du quotidien

As a poor recent-grad graduate student, I am always looking for a great deal on looking pretty, which is why I love drugstores. I adore high-end beauty products as much as the next girl, but I just can’t always afford to splurge on them. I buy dark eye makeup and matte foundation the most, in a feeble attempt to emulate Edie Sedgwick. So what if she had a [brief] trust fund? That doesn’t mean there aren’t perfectly good alternatives to the finer products in life! Here are some of my staples when it comes to eyes and bases.

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara, in Very Black

Whenever this mascara debuted (circa 2008?), I had to try it. Mascaras are weird for me. I have really long eyelashes, but I still like to add volume to my favorite asset. My first go at this one was rather magical. Each time I try to buy a new one, I am never as satisfied.

Revlon CoverStay Liquid Eyeliner, in Blackest Black


Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencilin Charcoal

I have no problem saying that Revlon does a damn good job at makeup. I would venture to say that any purchase from Revlon that is a ‘ColorStay’ product is a good one. Eyeliner is my staple; I have been wearing eyeliner longer than I have been wearing mascara, which is probably not something I should admit (because doesn’t eyeliner look really weird without mascara, or is that just me?).

My rules, abridged: Liquid black eyeliner swept across the upper lash line, most likely in the cat eye fashion. As always, longer, thicker, and more dramatic for nighttime. Under eyeliner should never be liquid eyeliner, unless you want to go blind and bloodshot for an hour. Always pencil, but a soft pencil. Sometimes I go black for under eyes, most recently I have gone with grey (or, Charcoal) to lighten things up. Dot between lower eyelashes to make the illusion of one connected line. I utilize the under eyeliner day and night, but sometimes I go a little thicker with it at night. Just make sure you have Q-tips (secret weapon) to neaten everything up afterward. You want to look smoldering, but the line between smoldering and overindulgent mess is, unfortunately, a little too close.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation SPF 15 for Normal/Dry Skin

Foundations are the trickiest of them all. Most make up enthusiasts would say that foundation is the one part of your beauty routine that should be high-end. I don’t believe that. I also believe that choosing a brand of foundation is incredibly contingent upon your type of skin and the climate in which you live. Here in western PA, it is humid as all get out. I probably shouldn’t wear foundation right now, but I feel naked without it, and it has SPF, so I feel like I can justify its use. It, being Revlon’s ColorStay Liquid Foundation. A god-send for different skin types, of all different shades. I use the formula for Normal/Dry Skin, although there is a Combination/Oily Skin, as well. It blends beautifully and covers up imperfections, without significantly dulling the skin (my biggest foundation pet peeve).

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

When life requires a pressed powder finish. I (don’t shoot me, beauty super-evangelists) don’t really get how pressed powder could be good or bad. I don’t have  naturally oily skin, but sometimes it still happens, especially in the summer. Its hot! Yet, no matter what I try, it all makes me look the same…slightly cakey. You look perfect in photographs, but unrealistic in real life. I’m still torn on the healing powers of pressed powder, but I bought this Rimmel one for a few dollars at Walgreen’s when it was on sale. Plus, my co-blogger Christa digs it too, and her skin is lovely. So, it gets my endorsement.

Note: I do not work for Revlon, CoverGirl, or Rimmel, or am affiliated with them in any way. My thoughts are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the above listed companies. All photographs attributed to this individual post are the property of their respective companies.


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