Beauty Product Review: e.l.f. All Over Color Stick

Lately I have been trying to find new ways to use my makeup to cover up the dark circles under my eyes (late nights writing grad school papers has only made them worse unfortunately). Concealer itself can sometimes gather or fade unevenly and look cake-y or just too obvious that I’m trying to cover dark circles. There are products out there in pinks or yellows or greens that are supposed to help balance out skin tones to conceal dark circles or other spots as well as brighten the skin to reflect light and make the dark circles disappear and the skin under your eyes look more glowing than dark. For me, these products are either too expensive (being a poor grad student) or I’m too impatient to spend money on products that I’m afraid won’t work that cause me to keep going back to the store to spend more and more money trying to find what works best.

That’s where the All Over Color Stick by e.l.f. comes into play. Only $1.00 at Target (and other stores as well) I bought this little product on a whim thinking “if it doesn’t work at least I’m only out a dollar, no big deal.” Truth is, this product is pretty awesome!

I bought this in “persimmon.” It is a lightweight creamy texture, somewhat shimmery, and does not leave a greasy feeling. It also has somewhat of a bubblegum scent to it that fades after a few minutes. It says that it is for all over use but I use it primarily under my eyes for the light reflecting quality that helps to hide the dark circles. I have used it on my cheeks as well for some extra shimmer and with my sensitive skin it hasn’t caused any breaks outs, which is nice. It only takes one or two light swipes of the the stick to reach the desired amount of tint/color and then I like to spread it around my eyes and even it out with my finger.

I really like this product and highly recommend it. It comes in five other colors too if you wanted one to either match your skin tone, like I did, or one to contrast for and eye shadow or blush. For only a dollar this works remarkably well and I’ll definitely be going back for more e.l.f. products in the future with the hopes that they all work so well for such low prices.

Note: I do not work for e.l.f. or am affiliated with them in any way. My thoughts are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect of the company. The photograph is property of the e.l.f. company.



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