Sometimes I just have to rant for a second about really inane things, especially when Christa isn’t here for me to talk her face off about them.

You can’t fool me with this sensitive mama’s boy behavior, Lucas Scott.


For the past week I have been watching the first season of One Tree Hill on Netflix. Yes, I just admitted that to the world. I figured, it would be a pretty low-commitment television show…I likely would roll my eyes at the cultural references, cheerleader/jock love triangles, and complete deviation from the character’s personality formula. Indeed, I did roll my eyes at all that crap, which indeed runs rampant in this teen drama, but one thing bothers me the most above all others: Chad Michael Murray playing the ‘nice guy.’ I never even watched One Tree Hill when it was on; I tended to boycott most television except for The OC, because that shit was awesome. However, my love for reading tabloidy magazines at the gym or doctor’s office is not something I’m ashamed of, and every time CMM is on screen all I can think is, “YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME, CHAD. I KNOW YOU CHEATED ON SOPHIA BUSH WITH PARIS HILTON.” An incredibly irrational reaction considering he is “acting,” but deep down don’t we all know that stars in teen soaps are really just playing themselves?

Rant over.


One thought on “Nope!

  1. i just made a really difficult netflix decision between starting to watch one tree hill or dawson’s creek. i settled on dawson’s creek because i watched the beginning few seasons of one tree hill and don’t think i could handle the teen ridiculousness right now… i don’t really know if dawson’s creek is much better, but it is what it is.

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