An Update…

And a bit of an apology.

I know that there has been a bit of a lull in posts but things have been a little chaotic. Firstly, Alex has graduated and now on her way to moving to New York for a new job. Secondly, I have moved into a new apartment and am still trying to struggle through and juggle not only grad school and a part time job (which feels like it’s turning into more of a full time job) but I’m also trying to start juggling looking for a real full time job for after I hopefully graduate in December. I know that you all do not want to hear my grumblings of  how much I hate school and how much I miss my friend, so I at least may be a little absent for a while from the site. I will try to post the better and more interesting things that come up in my life but in the meantime I hope that you all will be entertained by Alex’s new adventures in NYC and hopefully I’ll be able to add to those after December.

~ Christa


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