Furry Fashion

It has come to my attention that a current fashion trend (to some extent at least) is that of “furry” and animal-like accessories.  I’ve been noticing it in magazines mostly, but also on blog pages, that animal prints, furry collars or trims of clothing,and hats have become quietly popular. Not a lot is said about this little accent, at least not that I have read. But, the other day I was watching Anderson Live and Anderson’s co-host was Sharon Osbourne (don’t we all just love her?). She’s pretty famous for all of her little dogs from when the MTV show The Osbournes was popular. Well, she still has a ton of little dogs. However, the point is that Anderson is doing a holiday bit on his morning show about misfit gifts (from Rudolf and the Island of Misfit toys). So, this one day his misfit gift for the audience and for Sharon was a hat/scarf combo from Spirit Hoods. I immediately fell in love! I love animals. I love wolves in particular. Everything there is to do with them. I have little wolf statues, clothing with wolves on it, and for a few years when I was younger I even had relatives adopt wolves in my name as a gift. I love them! So, after Anderson’s misfit gift segment I went to check out this Spirit Hoods site. I love it! they even give proceeds from some of their products to organizations that support specific animals: Spirit Hoods’ “ProBlue” label.  I fell in love with the Red Wolf  hat/scarf after visiting the site. I even sent a text to my co-blogger Alex asking if I should get it.


Because I sadly did not buy this item (due to a combination of how expensive it kind of is for me right now and because I need to use that money to get to New York to visit my bestie!) I decided to come up with my own alternative fashion item.  That same afternoon I had a dentist appointment and afterwards planned on making a trip to good ol’ Target. So, numb-faced and all (I couldn’t talk and my lips felt like pillows) I ventured over to Target and found myself: a furry scarf!!

So here I present to you an inexpensive equivalent for the somewhat current furry fashion piece for $19.99. No need to spend $100 or more on pieces that could very well be out of fashion by the new year (I even tweeted @AndersonLive about how I didn’t know if I could pull it off because I didn’t know how long this trend will last); just head on over to your local Target or neighborhood dress shop (the “no-name,” indie stores are a great option as well!) and get yourself a furry accessory.


It’s super warm and makes me feel “exotic” and expensive and as long as you wear it with purpose no one will ever question that it might look weird to be wearing fur (since we know how controversial of a topic that can be – I’d never wear real fur/leather). I highly recommend the furry scarf or faux fur lined hood/hat.  It’s something that everyone could pull off as long as the whole ensemble is kept simple (the fur is a pretty big statement all on its own). So happy hunting and good luck and stay warm and enjoy the holidays and snowy days in your warm furry scarf and hat!


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