Oh, Philly.

Because for one, I’ve missed doing hateful updates about Philadelphia sports teams, and two, because Christa sent me this photo earlier. It’s taken outside of a restaurant/bar called Fuel and Fuddle in Oakland. Love at first sight.



Game 5: Pens/Flyers…or how this series has aged me once more

Lifted this little gem off of The Pens Blog and saved it onto my computer with the file name ‘tehe.gif.’

If I didn’t actually have to work at the game tonight, I would have made plenty of GIFs to rally support…and entertain myself. Instead, I was hanging out with my man Usher Joe, circa Section 110 and trying to watch the game through a split in the uber-season ticket holders seats of glory. Promo modeling for theĀ  win.

Side note: At one point I got onto an elevator that Malkin’s parents were getting off and it was glorious. I wanted to say, ‘vassup?!’ but refrained.

Game 6. Lets hope I don’t have a freaking anxiety attack before then. Go Pens. Especially you, Dan Bylsma.

It could happen!

God…if there is a God…if you’re a man or a woman…if you’re listening… I’d really, really like it if I didn’t feel the need to pour vodka in my eyeballs tonight. And that’ll only happen if the Penguins win. The hockey team, I mean. So, maybe you could help them out a little. Amen. Oh, and A-women too.