SNL Magic with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Unless you live under a rock, or have absolutely nothing in common with me, you’d know that our beloved Joseph Gordon-Levitt graced us with his presence last night on SNL. Naturally, I have spent today rewatching the episode over and over again, and brainstorming ways to trick him into marrying me. In any case, thanks to the crazy GIF making machines that make up most of the population on Tumblr, I managed to collate some excellent Magic Joe GIFs to share with you all (i.e., I take no credit for these, and I have no idea who made them initially, oh well!).

Drool/Watch the full episode on Hulu here.







Sometimes I just have to rant for a second about really inane things, especially when Christa isn’t here for me to talk her face off about them.

You can’t fool me with this sensitive mama’s boy behavior, Lucas Scott.


For the past week I have been watching the first season of One Tree Hill on Netflix. Yes, I just admitted that to the world. I figured, it would be a pretty low-commitment television show…I likely would roll my eyes at the cultural references, cheerleader/jock love triangles, and complete deviation from the character’s personality formula. Indeed, I did roll my eyes at all that crap, which indeed runs rampant in this teen drama, but one thing bothers me the most above all others: Chad Michael Murray playing the ‘nice guy.’ I never even watched One Tree Hill when it was on; I tended to boycott most television except for The OC, because that shit was awesome. However, my love for reading tabloidy magazines at the gym or doctor’s office is not something I’m ashamed of, and every time CMM is on screen all I can think is, “YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME, CHAD. I KNOW YOU CHEATED ON SOPHIA BUSH WITH PARIS HILTON.” An incredibly irrational reaction considering he is “acting,” but deep down don’t we all know that stars in teen soaps are really just playing themselves?

Rant over.

Questions for t…

Questions for tonight regarding Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century:

What is Kristen Storms doing these days?

Is the lead singer of Protozoa the trendsetter of frosted tips [male hairstyle only]?

Is Eric Von Detten still rocking the blonde, 90s bowl cut?

These 90s Disney Channel Original Movie questions and more will be answered soon enough.

Stay tuned.

Let me tease you… with some Mad Men

Well if you’re anything like either one of us, you’re looking forward to some Mad Men action coming up here in t-minus 1 day. For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled the character teases to get you all ready for our favorite 1960s ad men and women.

Don Draper

“I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.”

Peggy Olson

“Lets get liberated.”

Roger Sterling

“We can solve this problem with a flask.”

Joan Holloway Harris

“Your decolletage is distracting.”

Pete Campbell

“Why can’t I get anything good all at once?

Betty Draper Francis

“Honestly, I think she’s jealous of me. I’ve seen it before, I was in a sorority.”